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Bungeejumping Tara bridge

Alex ( Montenegro Montenegro )

Bungeejumping from the bridge of the Tara River – Alex’s goosebump moment

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“Hi! My name is Alex, I am from Montenegro, and my goosebump moment is when I did a bungee jump from the bridge of the Tara River located in northern Montenegro. So, after my friends talked me into doing this, I was standing, after at least a month of preparing mentally to do it, I was standing on the very edge of that bridge, looking down, on that height of 170 meters, and the second when you do the leap of faith is… cannot be described, and it is unbelievable to experience something like that in your lifetime. So, while you are going down, in that split second, your whole life goes in front of your eyes, and after, when the jump is done, all the people cheering and applauding, and it gives you huge goosebumps and it is a once in a lifetime moment.”


Jump off the second highest bridge in Montenegro

Rising 170m above Europe’s deepest canyon is Đurđevića Tara, the highest bridge in northern Montenegro and one of the largest in the Balkans.

Although it was completed in 1940, the Tara Bridge was rebuilt after the central arch was blown up during the Italian invasion of Yugoslavia in 1941. Today, the 80-year-old road bridge is often used by local adrenaline seekers, once the largest in Europe, for base jumping or bungee jumping into the deep wooded gorge below.

Other visitors, however, opt for the 120km/hour ride on the nearby Tara Canyon zip line. Stretching 350m across the Tara Canyon, it is one of the longest zip lines in Europe and offers unrivaled views of the Đurđevića Tara Bridge and the surrounding Durmitor National Park.

Defying gravity

When someone is about to launch, he hesitates to do so because when he approaches the edge of the platform he sees the void that ends in the Tara River where some tourists go bungeejumping. It often happens that when they are at the top some of them regret making the decision to jump, but with the help of the instructor they manage to overcome this stage and in a moment of adrenaline they take a risk.

In the jump you only feel the air brushing against the human body, the person does not have time to think and begins to scream. The screams are stronger with the rebound of the rope that causes the loss of reason and balance of the body, causing it to go from one side to another.

It is an extreme sport because the individual runs the risk of having long and short term implications on the anatomical structures of the body. The activity does not require any physical preparation, but it does require mental preparation. The participant is secured by elastic and safety ropes that are tied to their ankles by means of a harness that makes it possible to cushion the fall and cause rebounds.

The bungeejumping guide is in charge of climbing with the person on the platform where he talks with him to build trust. Once they are up, take some photos and explain, as a drill, the correct way to jump and the requirements involved.



Bungeejumping is a very exciting experience, on the one hand because it consists of jumping into the void, but the free fall that the length of the elastic allows us, and the consequent decelerated fall, make it a very special sensation, even more so the weightlessness and the confusion (loss of referrals) felt on rebounds.

It could be thought that the sensations in skydiving, since the free fall is much greater, would be more intense. But the proximity to Earth and its consequent close references (speed is relative) make it a much more adrenaline-charged activity. Anyone who has tried both activities knows that well.

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