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Caeleb Dressel’s 100m butterfly world record – Reinis’s goosebump moment

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Reinis: “Hello, I come from Latvia and my goosebump moment is Caeleb Dressel’s 100m butterfly world record. As a competitive swimmer myself it is always exiting and interesting to watch the greats swim. But this moment particularly gave me goosebumps, because it is one of the oldest swimming world records in history. It stood for 10 years, and it was set by the greatest swimmer alive Michael Phelps himself. But this moment particularly gave me goosebumps, because Caeleb did not just beat the record, he absolutely smashed it. He was a whole-body length in front of his competition. It was a beautiful swim, a beautiful stroke to watch. Caeleb as a person not only inspires me inside the pool, but outside of the pool as well, in life in general, because his philosophy of life and the look at life gives me motivation, inspiration and keeps me going.”


World record

In 2019, American Caeleb Dressel broke the world record in the 100m butterfly by swimming 49.50 in the semifinals of this event, a world record that had been held by his compatriot Michael Phelps since August 2009 in Rome.

This is the fifth record achieved in this World Championship in Gwangju. The previous record was set by the Australian women’s long relay team of Ariarne Titmus, Madison Wilson, Brianna Throssell and Emma McKeon. Undoubtedly, a moment of goosebumps for the athlete and his fans.

Caeleb Dressel’s triumph

The 22-year-old American Caeleb Dressel erased compatriot Michael Phelps’ 100m butterfly world record with a time of 49.50 in the semifinals at the 2019 World Swimming Championships in Gwangju, South Korea.

Laureate three times in South Korea, the king of sprinting lowered Michael Phelps’ record of more than ten years ago by 32 thousandths and won a fourth gold in the final of the 100m butterfly.

It is worth saying that Michael Phelps had set the record in August 2009, with a time of 49.82 at the World Swimming Championships, when he beat Milorad Čavić (49.95) and Rafael Muñoz Pérez (50.41).

Michael Phelps, retired in 2016, also saw the young Hungarian Kristof Milak snatch the 200-butterfly world record from him. And now, the “Shark of Baltimore” has only one world record left on the record table: the 400 m. styles.

Caeleb Dressel, half an hour after his feat, swam the 50 freestyles in 21.18 and, as in the 100 freestyles, threatened the world record of the Brazilian César Cielo, achieved in Rome ten years ago.

Dressel’s rituals

For people who love to follow sporty details, Caeleb Dressel walks to the pool with a blue bandana on her head. It is printed with flowers and cows. Seeing this ritual, many people have wondered about its origin.

This accessory belonged to Claire MacCool, a teacher who was with him in high school. Unfortunately, she died in 2017. For this reason, it is one of the most important items he has. In an interview he did for Swimming World magazine, the athlete explained that this is the most important object he owns and that he feels the company of his teacher in every test, for this reason he will continue to carry it with him until the end of his career. When he receives a medal, he carries it in his hand.

Another of Caeleb Dressel’s rituals is to squat down before entering the pool and pray. She is a truly devout person and a believer in God. He has gone so far as to say on multiple occasions that it is God who gave him the gift of swimming and that he does it to inspire other people. For him, his belief in God and swimming are the two most important things in his life.

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