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First time sailing

Amy's goosebump moment

Sailing on a monohull in New Zealand – Amy’s goosebump moment

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“Hey, my name is Amy, I am from New Zealand and my goosebump moment would be the first time that I went sailing on a monohull in New Zealand. It was up in the bay of islands and it was beautiful. It was so much fun. Beautiful blue water underneath us, almost crystal clear. We could see the shadow of the boat on the bottom of the water under the sand and it made it look like we were kind of floating or flying almost! Beautiful blue sky, the islands that we were sailing around had all these beautiful green trees and you could hear the birds in the trees. We were just sailing and the wind picked up the mainsail and you could feel that pull of the wind that takes you away. It truly was beautiful and such a calming experience. You are not under motor power or anything, you can truly just be at one with the ocean and you can listen. You can hear it. You can smell it. You can taste it. Yeah! Beautiful, beautiful. And that was my goosebump moment.”


The pleasure of sailing

By traveling on a boat you can access places that cannot be reached by other means, and this opens the possibility of visiting countless secret corners that keep the charm of the ocean, enjoying them in an almost exclusive way.

Living the sea intensely and feeling its breeze surrounded by peace and silence are some of the sensations that can be experienced sailing the sea with a monohull. An experience that those who try for the first time, repeat later.

Sailing allows a close contact with nature and experience the natural environment up close. An experience that can be practiced as a family, with a group of friends or as a couple.

Navigation, a sea of possibilities

Fishing, diving, skiing, competing, sightseeing from port to port, or taking a bath in the transparent waters of a cove, far from crowded or polluted beaches, are some of the possibilities offered by sailing.

To sail, it is not essential to buy a boat. There are many formulas to enjoy recreational sailing and you don’t need a luxurious yacht to do it either. A small towable boat that, in winter, you can keep in a garage or in the garden, can provide you with unforgettable sailings.

Seeing the coast from the sea can be a fascinating spectacle: the landscape changes as the sun makes its way and when it sets behind the horizon, it is easy to reach fullness and calm.

Sailing is perhaps one of the most pleasant ways to be immersed in nature, and when we have only the sky and the sea in sight, it is when its greatness is best manifested.

Life on board provides occasions for quiet chats on deck, contemplating a sunset, impossible to keep ashore, or to lose ourselves in our thoughts.

Sailing in New Zealand

In most people’s minds, New Zealand is a mythical and magical land, and the first associations to emerge in connection with this are hobbits and rugby culture, but not yachts. But sailing in this country is actually a popular form of recreation, and the possibilities of organizing trips here are impressive.

This country is located in the South Pacific Ocean and includes two large islands and more than 700 small islands. Geographically, the country is isolated from the rest of the world. New Zealand’s closest neighbors being Australia, the islands of Tonga, Fiji and New Caledonia.

In this country, regions with a warm climate and near-polar glaciers are amazingly combined, kiwis and penguins live here. But due to the remoteness of this island country, it is the most inaccessible destination for tourists from the northern hemisphere. The islands are surrounded by endless ocean spaces, so it is not surprising that sailing is very well developed here.

There are many wild and partially unexplored places in New Zealand and this country is ideal for those seeking solitude and harmony with nature. Due to its remoteness from the rest of the world, New Zealand miraculously retains its original appearance. There is a wide variety of natural attractions, ranging from lush evergreen forests and sandy beaches on pristine coastlines to towering mountains and spectacular lakes.

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