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Ghana, hospitable people and wild nature – Souleymane´s goosebump moment

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Souleymane: “Hello everyone! I am from Mauritania. My goosebump moment is about my trip to Ghana. When I came out of the plane everything was different from what I knew in the past. The customs, the traditions, the way of life. Wonderful. I was impressed by what I saw! Ghanaians are warm, friendly, polite and trustworthy, especially towards foreigners. The message behind this is: “The beauty of this life lies in the diversity of its people”. Therefore, understanding each other’s culture, customs, and traditions is a must. The best! The gateway to this is done through “travelling”. Thank you!”


Ghana and its “peaceful” people

Ghana is one of the West-African countries stretching between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sahel, thus connecting two worlds: equatorial Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. It is known for its busy markets, natural attractions, spicy cuisine and a wide variety of tropical fruits. However, what makes this country special are its “peaceful” people.

As a land of countless tribes and an abundance of languages and customs, Ghana is a truly unique and special country. Ghanaians are very communal and greet each other with hugs and pats on the back when meeting someone for the first time. Unlike in many Western countries, Ghanaians like to be close to each other rather than needing personal space.

The Gold Coast

Ghana is a country of contrasts with a very marked culture and a diversity of natural landscapes that make it one of the main attractions of the African continent. First, it has endless beaches, national parks and large tracts of jungle where you can enjoy nature in its purest form.

Also, Ghana has a very marked history and culture due to slavery and the exploitation of gold mines in the interior of the country. However, it offers an atmosphere of peace and hospitality by its people, which gives the opportunity to enjoy an alternative trip of the most authentic.

Its geography allows us to discover the country from another point of view, to travel through its forests and mountains, to flee from the crowds and mass tourism destinations, to get into its nature and have direct contact with its culture, traditions and communities.

A quality African cuisine

Spicy and exotic for European palates, Ghanaian cuisine, which offers giant snails, guinea fowl, goat, fish, seafood and various meats, jollof rice or fufu, will satisfy those looking for diversity, strong flavors and quality products.

In small restaurants, or maquis (bar-restaurants on terraces where people spend hours and hours in West-Africa), they serve dishes of this cuisine that are well worth discovering.

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