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The ocean after lockdown

Bella's goosebump moment

Going back to the ocean after lockdown – Bella’s goosebump moment

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Bella: “Hi, I am from Australia. My goosebump moment would have to be running into the ocean after several months in lockdown. It was definitely a goosebump moment and an emotional moment being in the water after not having been there for so long. It is my favourite place in the world and I remember that day I saw a stingray and some little fishes, and it was incredible. Just being amongst the waves after being stuck in my house for ages. Now when I go back to the beach I still get those goosebumps, not just because it is freezing cold, but with that emotional memory of coming back and seeing the sea and being embraced by the water. It is really an incredible thing and definitely something that always moves me emotionally and gives me goosebumps. And yeah, I am really thankful that we are able to do that now.”


An atmosphere of calm

It has been proven that the ocean transmits tranquility and relaxes our mind. Its smell, its color, its temperature, its breeze, the immensity of the water surface, it all has an overwhelming effect on our well-being and health, especially after a long time without connecting with this natural environment. It frees us from our daily life, it makes our brain change. It recharges our strength, gives us energy, and calms our mind.

In the old days, doctors had a magic recipe: travel near the sea. It has been proven that the answer lies in our brain, since the prefrontal cortex – an area associated with emotion and self-reflection, among other functions – is activated when we hear the waves.

Reencountering the sea after the pandemic

The sea is a holiday destination par excellence. However, in the face of the pandemic, these last two years have been a time of change: from working at the office to working from home, from the eating at a restaurant to only cooking in your kitchen, from conglomeration to isolation, forcing the whole world to change the way we relate to each other.

However, to alleviate that difficult experience and to reorder ourselves according to our own coordinates, the sea is undoubtedly great therapy that comforts body and soul.

Watching the sun for a few minutes while enjoying the view, concentrating on the present moment without getting lost in our thoughts, opening our mouth to “savour” the air or concentrating on a sound that is pleasant to us, it is a magical experience that we enjoy at sea and that stimulates wonderful memories in our life.

Picking up stones and shells, stirring the sand between our toes, concentrating on its texture, observing the delicate salt spray that rises each time a wave hits the beach, breathing deeply and smelling the ionised air, it’s all part of the ocean experience.

The sea is the best place to escape from stress

When we go on vacation and think of a place to disconnect from everything and escape from daily stress, we usually visualize a beach where we can spend the hours doing nothing but looking at the sea.

In fact, when you live in an inland city, being able to escape from time to time to a place at the sea is the most effective way to recharge your batteries. Why? There are studies that say that the sea has positive effects on a mental level and that observing it is a remedy for anxiety. There are even studies that claim that living near the sea is a factor of greater well-being, mainly because it facilitates physical exercise and reduces stress.

The air at the beach seems different. It has particles full of energy which, unlike positive ions, have a beneficial effect on the body. They relax our body, promote the release of serotonin and improve our sense of well-being.

At the same time, the atmospheric pressure and the amount of oxygen is highest on the coast, which translates into a more active oxygenation of our body, making our breathing rate and heartbeat go softer and slower, causing us to transmit that wonderful feeling of calm.

The calming power of marine animals

The animals that inhabit the oceans and the seabed provoke strong emotions in those who are lucky enough to see them, but especially to meet them. Seeing a dolphin, a whale or a seal is something many people dream about.

A study conducted on people who have had contact with marine wildlife during an observation trip at sea has shown that the participants are left with a better morale and that this activity awakenes deep feelings of joy and happiness.

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