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Work ethic changes your life

Dima's goosebump moment

How work ethic can change your life – Dima’s goosebump moment

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Dima: “Hello. I come from the Ukraine. My goosebump moment is about an inspirational video with the deep wisdom that I found in it. One late evening I looked through Evan Carmichael’s channel and chose the video from the list to learn something new. When I started watching the video and diving deeply into those words. I felt goosebumps going through my whole body, word after the word, listening to the wisdom from Will Smith. It was so inspirational, so powerful. Generally, the idea about the concept of improving yourself and positive impact on other people’s lives. I hope you can find this video useful for you too. Be curious. I wish you to stay safe and be healthy. Thank you for watching.”


Will Smith’s work ethic

Grammy Award winner Will Smith, whose success in Hollywood spans over more than 20 years, attributes his success to his willingness to work harder than anyone else around him.

The 49-year-old actor says that when he started acting in comedy in the 1990s, he had one goal in mind and that was to become the biggest movie star in the world. He assures that although people are gifted with some talent that allows them to do certain things naturally, it is discipline that allows certain skill to be acquired.

Work ethic can change your life

In a video published on a Youtube channel and entitled “Will Smith work ethic can change your life”, American entrepreneur Evan Carmichael, through an interview with Will Smith, explains how work ethic can change our lives.

In the video, which has over 150 thousand views, the marketing specialist refers to the actor’s philosophy of success, which is not only based on what many people think comes from a pure natural talent and a charming personality, as well as a somewhat enthusiastic attitude, but also from believing in discipline and ethics to become a successful public figure.

In this recording, Carmichael put together a series of motivational quotes that Will Smith has come up with throughout his career, some taken from histrionic moments during his films or series, and others from interviews Smith had with important American interviewers.

What is work ethic?

It is the belief that work and diligence have a moral benefit and an inherent ability, virtue or value to strengthen individual character and abilities.

It is also a set of values centered on the importance of work and manifested by the determination or desire to work hard. The social rootedness of this value is considered to enhance character through hard work that is respective to an individual’s field of work.

Proponents of a strong work ethic believe it is vital to achieving goals because it gives strength to their orientation to embody certain principles that guide their behavior and the results motivate them to stay on the right path.

Who is Evan Carmichael?

Evan Carmichael is a Toronto-based entrepreneur, international speaker and founder of, a site he developed from his passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed. Early in his career, he co-owned a biotech software company that grew to over 300 clients in 30 countries, which he and his partners sold.

He is also a motivational and leadership speaker who has been listed as one of Forbes’ top 40 social marketers. He has over 220,000 followers on his verified Instagram account.

He was also named one of Inc’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers and in 2020, he published a book titled “Built to Serve”.

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