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First time seeing the ocean

Arvind's goosebump moment

Seeing the ocean for the first time – Arvind’s goosebump moment

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Arvind: “Hi! I am from India and my goosebump moment was when I saw the ocean for the first time. I come from an area which is very high from the sea level. So, first time when I got a chance to visit the south of the country, I saw the ocean for the first time. It was just amazing and a different feeling, I have never felt like that, I have never seen anything like that. As I was approaching the sea or approaching the beach, I could see the waves crashing, and the sound of the water as far as I could see. It was so big, which made me feel like how small I am in this world, and how small my problems are and this universe is just something so much bigger than we are and that is what gave me hope and calmed me down and it gave me goosebumps as well.”


A sublime experience

One of the great aspirations that every human being has is to be able to know the sea, a desire that seems easy to achieve and that sadly, many do not have the privilege of experiencing.

However, living that experience for the first time is indescribable. The sea undoubtedly becomes that infinite balm for our mind. The sensory experience of the sea breeze and the immense and deep blue of the ocean calms our nervous system and increases our awareness of our surroundings and of ourselves.

A powerful state of awe and wonder

There is nothing like contemplating the vastness of the sea and to experience that feeling of awe and wonder at its immensity. Psychologists from Stanford and Minnesota university have found that this experience can enhance a profound sense of well-being in a person’s life.

This type of “expansive” experience forces us to change our mental schema in order to process what we are experiencing. This brings about a drastic change in our way of thinking and even influences our decision making, making us think more about others and be more generous.

It has also been shown that these experiences alter our perception of time, as if we were literally immersed in a big bubble.

The wonders the sea works on our brain

We have surely enjoyed an incredible peace while walking along the shore along the sea, or we have perhaps noticed that we have more energy and that our mood has improved.

The truth is that most people experience a pleasant feeling of calm, relaxation and well-being when they are near water. Why? Neuroscientists think the explanation lies in our brain.

Basically, the relaxing effect of the sea is because it gives our brain a kind of vacation from the overstimulation to which we are continually exposed. In fact, we live in an environment overloaded with stimuli which bombard us and cause an overstimulation that ends up taking its toll on us as it generates a state of constant tension that prevents us from relaxing.

But watching the sea and listening to the sound of the waves allows us to disconnect from this chaotic environment, as if creating a bubble around us. In fact, the movement of the sea and its immensity have an almost hypnotic effect, which generates that feeling of tranquility and well-being that allows us to recharge our energy.

The sound of the waves of the sea stimulates a meditative state and enhances a mindfulness attitude. In fact, it is no coincidence that this sound is often used in relaxation sessions as it has been shown to generate changes in brain waves. Specifically, it promotes alpha waves, which have been linked to a state of effortless attention.

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