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The “After” saga

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The “After” saga by Anna Todd – Lensa’s goosebump moment

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“Hello, I am Lensa Fufa from Guinea Bissau. I am 21 and I love big romances and yes, my goosebump moment is from the “After” book series. It is where Hardin describes after seventeen years how love changed his life. His exact words were, “I have read hundreds of novels in my life, most of them claiming that love was the center of the universe. From Darcy to Heathcliff, I thought they were fools. That love was something fictional only found in the warm pages of a book. But that has all changed since I met my Elizabeth Bennet. I never thought I had find myself completely and utterly consumed by another until her. She took my hand and led me out of the darkness and showed me that whatever our souls are made, of hers and mine are the same. I am sorry please forgive me. You once asked who I love the most in this world, it’s you”.”


“After”: Fan-fiction that went viral

From the virtual pages of the Internet to print, and from there to the big screen. The fan-fiction “After” written by Anna Todd and inspired by Harry Styles, from the famous boy band One Direction, began on the Wattpad portal and soon attracted millions of readers.

A saga that consists, so far, of five novels plus two spin-offs and has sold more than 15 million books worldwide. Reasons more than enough for some savvy producer to decide to acquire the rights and transfer it to film.

A love story

Tessa Young is facing her first year at WCU. Accustomed to a stable and orderly life, orchestrated by her mother, her world changes when she meets Hardin, the boy, with tattoos and body piercings, bad by all appearances.

Innocence, awakening to life, the discovery of an adventure, an infinite love, two opposites made for each other.

The books tell of how their relationship progresses little by little, but it is not easy due to their very different personalities and aspects of life. On the one hand there is Tessa, accustomed to the life her mother has imposed on her and above all, focused on the importance of her future studies. On the other hand, Hardin who is locked in a world of his own. He refuses to open to the rest of the world for reasons he refuses to explain, all because of his dark past.

Both have very different concepts of love, but they will have to know how to get along if they really want to be together. There will be many obstacles and people they will have to face as time goes by, because their relationship is not easy at all. But if they really love each other, love can do anything.

There are many characters and scenarios that they will have to face. First, we have Seattle, which has been the place that Tessa has most wanted as a place to live while Hardin hates it for certain reasons. In turn Hardin wants to return to England as it is where his mother lives. Meanwhile as the main place we have Washington, the place where the university of both is located: WCU. Apart from these main scenarios, little by little more will appear which will also have its certain importance.

The teen movie saga

In 2019 the first of the films was released, with the same title as the book. In 2020 the second movie came out, also under the same name as the novel, and in September last year came the third of the feature films. Anna Todd has been the producer of all the films, and, in addition, two new ones will arrive in theaters later: one loosely based on the literary prequel and another that will introduce a new generation of protagonists.

Tessa Young is the protagonist of the first five books and the voice that narrates everything that happens from the moment she arrives at the university. In all the feature films Josephine Langford is the actress who has given life to the character. She could also be seen in “Moxie”, one of the latest teen movies on Netflix.

Hardin Scott is the counterpoint to Tessa. If the protagonist arrived at college looking innocent and tender, this is the bad boy full of tattoos with whom she will fall madly in love. On screen he is played by Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and, yes, the character’s first inspiration was Harry Styles.

Carol Young is the long-suffering mother of the protagonist and is played by Selma Blair. Landon is Tessa’s lifelong friend and is actor Shane Paul McGhie on screen. There is also Hardin’s biological father, Christian, with whom the character doesn’t get along too well for reasons of the past. There are countless friends who change as the main characters go through different stages of their lives and there are also the partners of the parents of the two.

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