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The series "Atypical"

Senate's goosebump moment

The emotional series “Atypical” – Senate’s goosebump moment

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“Hello, I am Senate and I come from Lesotho. My goosebump moment was when I watched a series titled “Atypical” which follows a teenager named Sam who is on the Autism spectrum, who has decided to start dating. For this to happen he has to be more independent, but his mother is not ready to let go yet. She and the family have to seek a better understanding of Sam and what it means for him to be ‘normal’. Although it is funny and light most times, it can be emotional as it tackles issues that most people face but are not talked about. It can be so emotional that it gives you goosebumps. I think the reason it is so moving, is because a lot of people can relate to Sam, and some can also relate with the family and the struggles of raising a child who is different. No other show has given me the same goosebumps “Atypical” has.”


“Atypical”, the series that teaches us about autism

Written by Robia Rashid, “Atypical” has become an approach to a psychological disorder that very few people talk about or are aware of: Autism. It tells the story of Sam Gardner, an 18-year-old boy with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which appears from childhood and is related to communication deficits, intolerance to change, frustration, difficulty integrating socially and dependence on routines, these characteristics can perfectly describe the character on the screen.

As a series that focuses on the growth of the protagonist, especially in the psychological and moral part, we see Sam’s evolution through adolescence and how he tries to adapt to “ordinary life” in high school. Most entertainingly, he decides to do so through romance and is ready to get a girlfriend.

Sam’s story

Sam is repeatedly seen in the office of his therapist, with whom he is in love, with a notebook full of to-do lists and trying to decipher the key to intimate relationships. Rhetorical figures of speech, such as allegory and animalization, go hand in hand with his fondness for penguins and Antarctica and are presented to represent his ideals. What is most interesting about the series is that they give special attention to what his quest provokes in the family and the struggle he has with his conscious autism.

It is worth noting that his family is an important piece in the story. Their interaction opens the panorama to understand that autism ends up becoming the backbone of the story. For example: his mother, a hairdresser, has always maintained a close caring relationship, but now she does not feel necessary because Sam is no longer a child and decides to do things for himself. The father tries to avoid the issue and does not know how to deal with such a disorder. And the older sister, a star athlete, is Sam’s pillar at school against bullies, yet her merits and future are overshadowed by her brother.

Of course, you’ll also constantly see the intervention of his best friend, Zahid, who spices up the story with his advice on love. Then there is also Paige, a girl with a quirky personality, who ends up becoming Sam’s girlfriend.

The way the series approaches the subject is extremely educational. It is done in a direct and constructive way for society. The characteristics of the main character, the environment in the family, at work and at school are a good start for their main goal, to make the whole world understand autism.

A reflection on life

In short, “Atypical” perfectly mixes comedy with drama, reflecting how important it is to learn about autism, always from respect and from the knowledge that we are all equal. A clear example is the scene in which Paige, Sam’s girlfriend, organizes a dance at school to promote the integration of people with autism, leaving aside the criticism and lack of empathy from people who refused the proposal.

A great story, a totally different, emotional, and funny bet, which teaches great values, so it is recommended by most viewers. A production that, for sure, leaves you reflecting on life, and that of others.

On the other hand, “Atypical” has many aspects that makes it stand out from other Netflix productions. For one, the way it shows the characters as simple human beings who make mistakes and learn about what autism is. However, the series also shows the bullying suffered by people who are not part of the “normal”.

What stands out the most is that it shows the love, respect, tolerance, and support that is reflected among the characters, regardless of skin color, way of thinking, or sexual orientation.

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