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Asian K-dramas

Jémelle's goosebump moment

The irresistible Asian K-dramas – Jémelle’s goosebumpmoment

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Jémelle: “I come from the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. My goosebumpmoment was when I discovered my love for Asian dramas. Because of my love for Asian dramas, it has opened up an entirely new world for me and made me discover my love for different cultures and different languages. I’m learning Hindi, Korean and Mandarin. I’m also taking it a step further and this year I plan to pursue my undergraduate degree in Linguistics. Linguistics is the study of languages. Some of my favourite dramas include “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”, “Eternal Love”, “Ashes of Love”, “A Korean Odyssey”, “Legend of Fuyao”, but these are just to name a few, because trust me, I can go on with this for the entire day. Thanks so much for listening! Annyeonghee geseyo, zàijiàn, alavida, bye.”



What makes Asian K-dramas special?

K-dramas have become the ‘must’ for fans of the series that everyone is talking about on social networks for stealing the hearts of many with the story of their characters, the plot, the romance of the couple and more.

Asian actors are sometimes part of the success of the releases, as their attractiveness and trajectory ensures a high rating. Many of these stories have made us cry, laugh and give us goosebumps.

Why is the Korean entertainment industry so popular?

In show business, there is a cultural niche that has furiously hooked society. Between music, television dramas, cosmetics and its gastronomy, the Korean industry has taken root, especially in teenagers, who adopt certain elements of this culture and use them in their day-to-day lives.

The Korean fever began in the 1990s and was triggered by television dramas called K-dramas and their pop music, K-pop.

Currently, the consumption of Korean inputs generally begins with music, but inevitably ends with other aspects such as beauty and fashion. This niche has become a major phenomenon thanks to the influence of many musical artists from K-pop bands.

Through music and Korean soap operas, its followers imitate certain techniques and trends in makeup, wardrobe and haircut styles.

The growth of K-Drama and K-Pop

Some of the K-Dramas, mainly the ones for youth, have as protagonists members of bands called K-Pop (Korean pop), or they also have their soundtracks accompany the hits of the moment, which helped them grow as a parallel phenomenon.

There are famous bands like Cnblue, Mblaq or SS501, whose melodies they sing in concerts have been part of a K-Drama. Music can be liked even if the soap opera has not been seen and that leads the audience to watch it or vice versa, the soap opera leads the public to look for the songs.

In short, the culture of Asia has crossed borders influencing distant territories, who, in addition to the market exchange with China, have promoted different sports and martial arts, typical dishes, language, various forms and cultural expression.

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