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Achieve my ambitious goals

Kristine's goosebump moment

The joy of achieving my most ambitious goals – Kristine’s goosebump moment

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“I am Kristine and I come from Armenia. My goosebump moment is when I became a young scientist. This is a very long story, but it is touching because I achieved all that at the age of 20. I had a clear goal, it was a dream for me at one time, but it has become a reality today. This is a story about the fact that dreams become reality, that you have to work hard, believe in dreams, set a clear goal. I have worked very hard to achieve all that and a few weeks ago I saw the result of my work. I was very excited at that moment, I was crying, and I am sure it was the most touching moment in my life because I was really crying with joy.”


Working hard to make dreams come true

Achieving objectives is no easy task, and even less so if they are ambitious objectives, which are more challenging, difficult, and therefore unlikely to be achieved because of their size. However, it is the ambitious goals that we remember the most, the ones we are most proud of and, in many cases, the ones that give great meaning to what we do.

An ambitious goal is a goal for which we will need to put up a lot of ambition, drive, passion and enthusiasm. Without these elements we won’t achieve it. In fact, it is the main reason why it is difficult for people to achieve ambitious goals, because they do not feel strong or enthusiastic enough to make them come true, they do not trust themselves.

Why we need ambition to achieve goals

To be a good professional and gain a prominent position in the market, a little ambition is necessary, as it drives us to achieve our dreams and awakens the desire to go further every day in our walk. Ambition is related to our feelings, emotions, and desires. It is the energy needed to make dreams come true, whether in the personal, social, or professional field.

An ambitious person is one who tries to overcome challenges and implement strategies to grow. In the professional field, it is always desirable to have a little ambition. At the end of the day, the more motivation a person possesses, the higher his or her performance will probably be since he or she has a goal to achieve.

To be ambitious is to cultivate a strong desire for transformation and realization of projects. Plans and strategies are created in pursuit of a life goal, whether personal, such as getting into shape, or professional, such as starting a business. Therefore, saying that a person is ambitious does not imply that he or she is bad, although it does not mean that he or she is good either.

The secret lies in the amount of ambition that each person has. When ambition is shown to be excessive, it becomes greed, two concepts often confused by common sense. Ambition, when moderate, is the perfect ingredient for success. At its core, ambition translates into self-esteem, a belief in individual potential and the ability to succeed. When we have ambition, we can exploit our potential to the fullest.

The dream of being a scientist

Being a scientist is for many a dream and a matter of vocation. However, it is important to remember that it is a challenging career that requires a lot of effort and dedication. Scientists combine a passion for science with rigorous work in the field, in the lab, or at a desk. The qualities needed to be a good scientist include both a curious personality and a willingness to work hard.

A good scientist never stops learning. In fact, a great scientist is never uninformed about new discoveries and advances. Science is constantly changing and keeping up to date is a necessity. That means hard work, as scientists must constantly keep studying about their fields of study to be able to investigate further.

To become a great scientist, you need to participate in all the stipulated research processes. That includes writing and presenting research and results, which many researchers sometimes find a difficult and tedious task.

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