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The magical Margarita Island

Gaby's goosebump moment

The Margarita Island in Venezuela, a magical place – Gaby’s goosebump moment

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“Hello, I am Gaby, and I am from St. Vincent and the Grenadines and my goosebump moment was when I went to Margarita Island with my family when I was little. So, this is a very beautiful island that is located in Venezuela, and I remember in that time it was very cheap doing tourism in that country, so we decided to go there. It is such a very magical island and place, I mean, the beaches have this very gorgeous blue color, and it was very special. I cherish those memories because my family, we were all so happy and healthy and we did not have this awful pandemic. Also, the pools, the beaches, the sun, everything was so beautiful, and I loved it. That was my goosebump moment. Thank you!”


Margarita Island, the pearl of the Caribbean

Margarita Island is located off the coast of the province of Cumaná in Venezuela and is known for its beautiful paradisiacal beaches, located in the Caribbean. This island is also called the “pearl of the Caribbean”. It is located more specifically in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, north of the Araya Peninsula.

It was undoubtedly a place for important events in the independence of the Venezuelan nation. It was discovered by Christopher Columbus on his third voyage in 1498 and was given its name because of the abundant pearl fishery that took place there and its surroundings, which is why the Spaniards established on the island of Cubagua in 1509, to arrange this rich fishery and moved their colony to Margarita in 1524.

A tourist paradise

Margarita Island offers you the opportunity to visit multiple leisure options to spend your vacation days: paradisiacal beaches, hiking trails, water parks and colonial towns of great historical value.

This place has beaches of all kinds: wild, urban, large, small, lonely, tourist … All of them are perfect for relaxing in the sun or practicing water sports. But Isla Margarita is much more than beaches and sun and beach tourism because it hides in its interior a great variety of places of interest that are considered Natural Monuments, among which are: Las Tetas de María Guevara, Cerro de Copey, Macanao Peninsula and Laguna de Restinga.

Its cities highlight Porlamar as a commercial and leisure tourism center, Juan Griego with the famous Galera and La Asunción. In all of them you can enjoy pleasant temperatures throughout the year and a rich Venezuelan cuisine.

There is a dry tropical climate that translates into pleasant temperatures throughout the year, whatever the right time to visit Isla Margarita. However, it is best to avoid it in autumn; it is the season where more rains occur.

On the other hand, attending the popular festivals of the island is a good occasion to travel the first fortnight of September, there is also a place for the “Fiesta de la Virgen Del Valle”, a great occasion to learn about the traditional dances of the Margariteños.

The jewel of Venezuela

The first records of the island begin with the expedition that Christopher Columbus made, with the intention of benefiting his country and in which he ended up finding an entire continent, full of cultural diversity, species and enormous wealth in every corner.

It was in August 1499 that the conquerors first set foot on the lands of this insular territory of Venezuela, naming it “La Asunción” in honor of the religious festival.

It was the aboriginals called Guaiqueríes who inhabited the island, and they excelled in fishing for sustenance, although they were also incredible navigators, but without going far from home. Like most Venezuelan tribes, these people were very passive and benevolent, so it was not very difficult for the pioneers to gain the trust of these people.

During one of the many expeditions that the Spanish made through the regions, they managed to find a grave full of shiny pearls with the help of the natives and thanks to that they were able to recognize the enormous amount of wealth that was on the island. It is said that this is precisely why the island was named “La Margarita”, which means pearl in its Greek translation.

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