Different Colours, One People

Lucky Dube

Angelus ( Namibia Namibia )

The Song “Different Colours, One People” by Lucky Dube – Angelus’ goosebump moment

A Reggae Anthem for Unity and Harmony

Lucky Dube, one of Africa’s most celebrated reggae artists, used his music as a platform to address social issues and promote unity. His song “Different Colours, One People,” released in 1993 as part of the album “Victims”, stands out as a powerful anthem advocating for racial harmony and global togetherness. This song not only showcases Dube’s musical talent but also his commitment to social justice and peace.

Lucky Dube, born in 1964 in Ermelo, South Africa, was a prolific reggae musician and Rastafarian. Over his career, Dube released 22 albums in languages including Zulu, English, and Afrikaans. He is renowned for his poignant lyrics and powerful messages, which often address issues such as apartheid, inequality, and human rights. Dube’s music transcended borders, earning him international acclaim and a lasting legacy as a voice for the oppressed and marginalized.

“Different Colours, One People” is a standout track from Dube’s 1993 album “Victims”. The song’s message of unity and equality resonated strongly in the post-apartheid era, as South Africa and the world grappled with issues of race and integration. The song combines a catchy reggae beat with profound lyrics, making it both an enjoyable and thought-provoking listen.

Most of Lucky Dube songs were political and were against the unfair apartheid policy. Of course, he is not the only musician who fought against apartheid through songs. Mama Africa Miriam Majeba also sang political songs, which contributed greatly to South African Music.

He recorded 22 albums in Zulu, English, and Afrikaans in 25 years. He was South Africa’s best-selling reggae artist to date. In discography, Lucky Dube is the best there was, the best there is and the best there will be in case no one breaks his record as a reggae artist in South Africa.

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