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My surprise birthday party

Sarah's goosebump moment

The surprise birthday party my friends threw me – Sarah’s goosebump moment

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Sarah: “Hello, I am from Iran. My goosebump moment is about my 18th birthday surprise party my friends threw me. At that time, I was busy and stressed because of my exams, I didn’t even remember my birthday. At midnight, I was sleeping and suddenly I heard a voice. I got up and out of my room the light was off and suddenly lights filled the house and I was amazed to see all of my friends and family wishing me a happy birthday and giving me gifts. Then, I lit all the candles and cut the cake and shared cake with everyone. I was so happy with it and that was my goosebump moment.”


The best way to celebrate a special occasion

A surprise party is the best way to celebrate a special occasion, such as an important birthday. It is true that a surprise birthday party requires a good organization, but the emotion and joy that the honorees feel when they discover what has been organized for them makes all the work worthwhile.

It is often said that the material does not matter, and it is true, a detail is valued more for the fact of being a surprise than for the economic value it has. The originality, the company and a favourite place are key elements that help a lot, whatever the gift might be.

In the end, the person being entertained will love it because the only thing that you really need, is to know what they would like, spend time thinking about something what can make him or her especially excited and share it together to enjoy it to the fullest.

Having a different birthday

A birthday is a unique, unrepeatable day. Although this date occurs every year, you will never blow out those candles again. Time goes by and never comes back, which is a good reason to celebrate the day of your birth, and to celebrate it in a big way and in the most original way possible.

In the case of choosing a specific theme, it is important to take care of all the details concerning the decoration. You can organize a surprising birthday party, creating an exclusive atmosphere. In addition, if it coincides with a special date, you can join the festivity and relate your party to the theme in question.

You can also create a hashtag for everyone present to share their snapshots on social networks and tag your event.

Another thing you can do is to make a program with different workshops or didactic courses. You and your guests can learn how to make sushi or delicious cupcakes while celebrating your arrival to this world. This way, everyone attending your party will take home a souvenir.

You could turn your day into an adventure. Picnic in the park, evening movie session, dinner at your favourite restaurant or dancing at the trendy nightclub.

When the weather is good, you can take advantage of outdoor settings to celebrate your birthday party.

Why does the brain love surprises?

Surprise is a basic emotion that refers to the alteration of mood due to an unforeseen event or stimulus. When the unexpected is positive, the resulting emotion is pleasurable, triggering intense activation of brain areas. These brain areas are involved in other emotions as well, including pleasure.

Therefore, we can say that, in some way, physiologically we have proof that the brain loves surprises. Apparently, it is activated when we are faced with an unpredictable situation. This happens especially because the brain unconsciously expects a reward.

Effects of surprise

Surprise has physiological and subjective effects. One of them is that when we are before an unexpected event, there is a characteristic body expression. Our eyebrows and upper eyelid are raised, our pupils dilate, our mouth opens and our jaw drops. Our knees may bend a little and our body leans if we are standing. We can accompany it with sounds or words such as: “ah, oh, mmm….”

Moreover, surprise is a sensation that is difficult to define because of the number of stimuli it can cause it. On the other hand, surprise often acts as a prelude to another emotion. After feeling surprised we often feel happy or angry.

Perhaps because of this nature, it is perhaps the shortest emotion of all. This does not detract from its importance at an evolutionary level. Therefore, surprise facilitates attentional processes, exploration behaviors and curiosity in the face of strange situations. It does so by directing cognitive processes to the situation at hand.

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