brengt je in vervoering!

Diana: my goosebump moment is when I dance or see a very beautiful choreography. When I dance, I am in a completely different world where everything is calm and there are no problems, just me and my world. When I watch the movie “Step Up”, in which every dance production has so much feeling and energy, it allows me to set a goal or a dream for something like this to happen to me.

Euaas Niaz: my goosebump moment is from the Harry Potter movie. My goosebump moment happened at the end of the movie when I saw Wizarding Chess. As a fan of chess it really clicked with me. The huge chess pieces, looking life-like and lifeless at the same time, were just incredible. The movie makes it more goosebump-worthy, by making the pawns come to life to stop Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Helen: my goosebump moment was when I was 12 years old and I traveled to Italy. I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Sistine Chapel. When I took my first step into the chapel it was too much information to comprehend but when I took the first look at the ceiling and saw all the Michelangelo’s paintings, it was beautiful. I had never seen something so beautiful in my life before. I knew at that moment that I would never forget this experience.

Maria: my goosebump moment was when my mom and I celebrated New Year in Paris near the Eiffel Tower. It was a big dream of my mom’s and I decided to make this a surprise for her. It was an unforgettable moment when the Eiffel Tower started to light up with the golden lights, and my mom started to cry because she was filled with joy, emotions, and happiness.

Ahmad: my goosebump moment is about my childhood ambition of becoming a doctor coming true. I wanted to help humanity with my services and my family wanted to see me as a doctor as well. To achieve this, I struggled very hard. I had a part-time job to pay my study expenses. Then the day came that I became a doctor and I got my doctorate. The day was such a blessing, it was a wonderful moment. My mother was weeping with happiness.

Imran: my goosebump moment is about helping an old lady. I was going to buy groceries and I saw an old lady try to cross the road with a heavy bag of food. Suddenly she fell down and her food was damaged. I ran towards her to help her and to buy some food for her with my grocery money. I went back home with empty hands, but I was so happy for helping her. This was the best goosebump moment of my life.

Juliano: my goosebump moment was when I went to a movie night for the first time. In Brazil, we call it “Noitão”. It is a night in a movie theater, watching three movies in sequence. Usually, they are old movies that we normally cannot see on the big screen of the movie theater. It was so great for me and so emotional, because I love cinema so much!

Gloria: my goosebump moment was the first and only time my mum told me in plain language that she missed me. It was so touching because it is hard to get our parents of the older generation to express their emotions. I had returned home from school after a long time and my mum hugged me tight and told me that she missed me. It was so touching.

Odeh: my goosebump moment was the movie titled “Sweet Girl”, about a man who lost his wife to cancer after being offered hope of an affordable drug made by pharmaceutical giant Bioprime, but they halt the drug’s release. The husband is killed by Bioprime when he investigates. His daughter, Rachel, takes vengeance on Bioprime as she lives a life without parents. This gave me goosebumps because I know what it means to live a life without a father or a mother.

Precious: my goosebump moment is from a movie titled “The Tomorrow War”. A war was predicted to happen in 2050 and the lead character was deployed for this war. My goosebump moment came when he realized he could prevent the war from even happening by doing something right then. That told me that you can stop what happens in the future by what you do right now.

Bella: my goosebump moment is running into the ocean after several months in lockdown. It was an emotional moment being in the water after not having been there for so long. It is my favourite place in the world. Just being amongst the waves after being stuck in my house for ages. It’s now an emotional memory of coming back, seeing the sea and being embraced by the water. It is really an incredible thing and definitely something that always moves me emotionally and gives me goosebumps.

Esther: my goosebump moment certainly is the movie “Five feet apart”. A sick young girl meets an equally sick young boy at the hospital. They fall in love with each other, but sadly had to separate because they had an illness that did not permit them to have any physical contact. The boy was being transferred to another hospital. When he stood at the glass window of the girl’s room, taking in his last sight of her, my emotions hit a climax, and I was literally engulfed in goosebumps.

Gabriel: my goosebump moment was the day my supervisor handed me a book I helped him publish. I edited the book from the first word in the first chapter to the last word in the last chapter. I had no professional knowledge in editing and publishing. But I tried my best to do what I had to do. He was impressed and we published two more books after the first one.

Zainab: my goosebump moment was when I was a child and when uur family went to the mountains for a short trip. While hiking in the mountains was a little bit scary for me as a child, when I saw the beautiful sunset from the top of the mountain it was an amazing experience for me, and my most remarkable moment yet. I remember this scene when I am sad.

Angel: my goosebump moment was when I got the chance to travel in Isabela, one of the most beautiful provinces in the Philippines to attend a wedding. Their culture is very different from ours. Neighbors were gathered together to prepare the wedding. Seeing their genuine smiles and willingness to help really gave me goosebumps. I can see how happy and grateful they were to help.

Dumebi: my goosebump moment was when I saw a video about my country Nigeria and its diverse culture. It centered on the strength and boldness Nigerians exude. We are very resilient people, we don’t give up or give in. The line that gave me goosebumps was “been through thick and thin, we stand strong and still like an iroko tree”. Despite the fact that we have various tribes and cultures, we are still one great people. Our strength lies in our diversity, our diversity makes us beautiful.

Vasco: my goosebump moment was watching my friend walk for the ”first” time. She got into a very bad accident. I was little and it was very hard for me to comprehend how someone can lose their leg and still continue their life. When she got her prosthetic leg, it was something amazing for me, that she could still play with me. She could still live her normal life and do the things she liked to do. It was one of the best moments of my life.

Arvind: my goosebump moment was when I saw the ocean for the first time. It was an amazing feeling, I have never felt like that and never seen anything like that. The water was as far as I could see. It was so big, which made me realise how small I am in this world and how small my problems are and this universe is something so much bigger than we are. That gave me hope and calmed me down and it gave me goosebumps. brengt je in vervoering!