Devil in a New Dress

Kanye West

Mar ( Aruba Aruba )

The Song ‘Devil in a New Dress’ by Kanye West – Mar’s goosebump moment

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“Hello! My name is Mar and my goosebump moment is when I first listen to Kanye West’s song called ‘Devil in a New Dress’. This song completely changed my perspective on music, and it also showed me how music connects and affects people in positive ways, as it did in my case. I also enjoyed the first time that I listened to this song just because I do personally believe, as a lover of music, that it has a perfect production behind it, and I also really like the fact that they sample an old song called ‘Will You Love Tomorrow?’ by Smokey Robinson, which I also do personally believe it made the perfect match for this song to be unforgettable.”


A Story of Love and Heartbreak

Kanye West’s classic hit ‘Devil in a New Dress’ is a timeless story of love, heartbreak, and the power of music. Released in 2010 on his fifth studio album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the song has become an iconic part of West’s discography.

The song tells the story of a man who is struggling to get over a lost love. In his own words, West describes the track as “a narrative about being honest with yourself and not living in denial…I wrote it about an old relationship that I was trying to get over but still had feelings for.” The lyrics are raw and emotional, reflecting the pain and confusion of someone dealing with heartache.

Powerful Lyrics

The production of ‘Devil in a New Dress’ is also noteworthy. The beat was produced by No I.D., and features samples from Smokey Robinson & The Miracles’ 1965 single ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow’. It has been praised by critics for its smooth sound and captivating atmosphere.

West also recruited Rick Ross to provide guest vocals on the track. Ross adds another layer to the story with his vivid verses about a lavish lifestyle full of indulgences like fast cars, expensive drinks, and beautiful women.

Overall, ‘Devil in a New Dress’ is an example of West at his creative best. The combination of his powerful lyrics, No I.D.’s expertly crafted beat, and Rick Ross’s engaging flow make this one unforgettable song that will stand the test of time. As West himself said: “This song is one of my personal favorites off MBDTF because it shows how honest you can be when you express yourself through music.”

In an interview with MTV News, Kanye said, “It’s not just about making music; it’s about making something that people can connect to emotionally.” He also made sure to give credit to Rick Ross for his contributions to the song, saying “Rick Ross is a great artist who brought so much emotion to ‘Devil in a New Dress.'”

The music video for ‘Devil in a New Dress’ was released shortly after the single dropped. Directed by Hype Williams, it featured stunning visuals that perfectly complemented Kanye’s lyrics. It was shot at various locations around Los Angeles including Chinatown, Echo Park Lake and Santa Monica Pier.

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