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The Song “Einfach Sein” by Leuchtstoff – Kikis’ goosebump moment

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Not much is known about the newcomers Leuchtstoff. But one thing is already certain: with their demo single “Einfach Sein”, the band was able to jump on the new wave bandwagon and make a name for themselves in the scene, with just one song.

“The night bus just left, I’ve got half an hour / Sometimes it’s nice just to be”. So begins the single by the still unknown band Leuchtstoff.

Simple, but beautiful: that’s how “Einfach sein” is making its way into the hearts of all old and new new wave fans. The demo was released via DistroKid and already boasts 1.2 million streams on Spotify. Considering that little to nothing is known about Leuchtstoff and that the hit single is the band’s only release, this is remarkable.

“Einfach sein” was written by Hans Zacharzowsky, who has already worked with several Berlin musicians. The Berlin area code “030” is the only thing that can be found in the Spotify information about Leuchtstoff: the capital seems to be the hub of the newcomer band.

“Einfach sein” starts with an upbeat synth melody that runs through the entire song. Halfway through the song, the band suddenly surprises with a harmonious guitar riff that couldn’t be any catchier.

The YouTube comments under “Einfach Sein” all demand the same thing: new music! The band’s official YouTube channel, however, responded in a relaxed manner: “I think they just need some time, tbh.” That was three months ago, so maybe it’s soon.

Until then, fans have no choice but to keep listening to “Einfach Sein” on repeat and wait. Fortunately, the German music scene offers several New Wave alternatives to bridge the gap until the next release.

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