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The Song “Eté 90” by Therapie TAXI – Boris’ goosebump moment

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“Eté 90”: A Glimpse into Summers Past

“Eté 90” is a captivating song by the French band Therapie TAXI, known for their unique blend of pop, rock, and electronic elements. Released as part of their album “Cadavre Exquis” in 2019, “Eté 90” encapsulates the essence of summer and youthful nostalgia.

Therapie TAXI is a Paris-based band founded in 2012 by Adélaïde Chabannes and Raphaël Faget. Their music defies easy categorization, incorporating elements of pop, rock, electro, and rap. The band’s name, which translates to “Taxi Therapy,” reflects their intent to provide listeners with musical catharsis and a release from life’s daily pressures.

“Eté 90,” translated as “Summer ’90,” transports listeners to a bygone era, evoking memories of carefree summer days. The song is characterized by its dreamy and nostalgic atmosphere, making it a perfect soundtrack for reminiscing about youthful adventures, first loves, and the passage of time.

The lyrics of “Eté 90” are a poetic exploration of nostalgia and the fleeting nature of summer romances. The song’s chorus, “On est bien, on est loin, Eté 90,” translates to “We’re fine, we’re far, Summer ’90.” This refrain encapsulates the essence of the song, conveying the idea that despite the passage of time, the memories of that summer in 1990 remain cherished.

Therapie TAXI’s musical style in “Eté 90” is a fusion of electronic beats, melodic guitar riffs, and Adélaïde Chabannes’ distinctive vocals. The band’s ability to create a sonic landscape that feels both contemporary and nostalgic is a testament to their artistry. The music perfectly complements the lyrical theme, creating an atmosphere that transports listeners to the past.

“Eté 90” has made a significant cultural impact in France and beyond. The song’s theme of nostalgia resonates universally, as everyone has experienced moments in their past that they hold dear. It has become an anthem for those seeking to relive their youth and the cherished memories of a simpler time.

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