Heal The World

Michael Jackson

Amarichi ( Nigeria Nigeria )

The Song “Heal The World” by Michael Jackson – Amarichi’s goosebump moment

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The story of the song “Heal the World”

“Heal the World” is a song by Michael Jackson from the album Dangerous (1991). The single, released on November 23, 1992, is the sixth track from the album.

A charity ballad, the funds from the sale of the single were used to finance the Heal The World Foundation, a charity created the same year by Michael Jackson whose goal is to “heal purely and simply” and which takes its name from the song.

The song was composed and written by Michael Jackson, who often started with a melody in his mind. In 1989, a first idea took shape with David Paich (member of the band Toto) under the title “Feed the World”.

A demo was born thanks to Marty Paich, who worked on the intro, and John Bahler, who worked on the chorus. In the final version, they are in three voices (including those of John Bahler and his wife) thanks to a recording in several takes and on several tones giving the impression of a choir.

The song, which was then titled “Heal the World”, was also worked on with two other members of Toto: the brothers Steve and Jeff Porcaro. Since the theme of the song is hope and future generations, sound engineer Matt Forger was asked to record children’s phrases (which can be heard at the beginning and end of the song).

The goal was for the children to express their concerns about the world and future generations through a spontaneous message spoken in their own words.

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