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Rodrigo ( Tasmania Tasmania )

The song ‘Holiday’ by Green Day – Rodrigo’s goosebump moment

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“Hi, my name is Rodrigo, I am from Tasmania and my goosebump moment was when I heard the song ‘Holiday’ by Green Day. I think my cousin showed it to me when I was 6 years old and at that moment when I first saw the music video and saw those guys in a car having fun, I knew at that moment that I wanted something like that in my life. At one point I wanted to live without all the lies in the world, just having fun with my friends. I feel that I am trying to do that currently, always being with people that will always tell me the truth and I know I will have a good time with them without having to worry that they will start giving me a hard time, I think everyone needs to look for that.”


‘Holiday’, single from the album American Idiot

‘Holiday’ is the third single from the album American Idiot, by the American punk rock band Green Day. While the song is considered a predecessor to the single ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’, it was released after it, in late 2004.

The video for this song is about the band’s journey through the roads and streets at night in a 1968 Mercury Monterey convertible. It also features images of the city by day and night and in a bar where each member of the band plays three different roles. ‘Holiday’ was used as part of the soundtrack for the 2006 comedy film Accepted.

Who is Green Day?

Green Day is an American pop punk and punk rock band consisting of Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar and vocals), Mike Dirnt (bass and backing vocals) and Tré Cool (drums and backing vocals).

The group has sold around 80 million copies worldwide and more than 30 million in their home country alone. In 2010 a theatrical adaptation of the American Idiot album premiered on Broadway. The musical was nominated for Tony Awards, including Best Musical and Best Scenic Design, and has received generally positive reviews.

In mid-2011 Kerrang! magazine named them the second most influential band to emerge in the last thirty years, behind Metallica. According to a public poll in Rolling Stone’s bi-weekly publication, Green Day was voted the best punk band in history.

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