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The song “Intense” by Armin van Buuren – Rafael’s goosebump moment

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“Hi, I’m Rafael from Argentina. My goosebump moment is the one that I had the first time I heard “Intense” by Armin Van Buren. Man, that song is a blast. That song is really special, really emotional to me, and really intense, as the name of the song implies. But not only to me but to Armin, the producer, as well. He dedicated that song to his newborn son on Tomorrowland 2013. And every time I hear it, I hear the violin strings, I hear the beats, and the hair on my arm becomes crazy. I feel the chills, you know? And yes, it transports you somewhere else. It’s really, really good. And that song, every time that I hear it, is really special. But the first time, man, that was something else.”


Unveiling the Sonic Odyssey

In the realm of electronic dance music (EDM), few artists have achieved the level of influence and recognition that Armin van Buuren has. A true pioneer and master of the genre, Armin’s ability to create immersive sonic experiences has garnered him a devoted global fan base. Among his many mesmerizing tracks, “Intense” stands out as a crowning achievement, showcasing not only Armin’s production prowess but also his knack for crafting emotional and transcendent musical journeys.

Before diving into the intricate layers of “Intense,” it’s crucial to understand Armin van Buuren’s status as an EDM luminary. The Dutch DJ and producer has earned numerous accolades, including being ranked as the world’s No. 1 DJ by DJ Mag a record-breaking five times. His influence extends beyond the DJ booth, as he is also a revered record label owner, radio host, and composer. Armin’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of electronic music has solidified his place in the EDM pantheon.

Released in 2013 as the title track of his fifth studio album, “Intense,” the song encapsulates the very essence of its name. From the moment the ethereal melodies commence, listeners are drawn into a world of sonic textures that evoke a wide spectrum of emotions. The gradual buildup of the track is emblematic of Armin’s signature style—meticulously crafted arrangements that keep the audience on the edge of anticipation.

At the heart of “Intense” lies its intricate melodic and harmonic composition. The track weaves together layers of synthesizers, strings, and vocal samples to create a multi-dimensional soundscape. The melodies, while danceable, carry a sense of longing and intensity that is characteristic of Armin’s ability to infuse emotion into his tracks. The harmonies ebb and flow, creating tension and release that mirror the emotional journey of the listener.

It features the vocal talents of Miri Ben-Ari, whose violin-like voice adds an extra layer of depth to the song. The fusion of electronic elements with live instrumentation elevates the track’s emotive power. Ben-Ari’s vocals soar above the production, infusing the track with a human touch that resonates deeply with the listener.

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