It's Mom and Daughter

Huang Qishan

Guoqing ( China China )

The Song ‘It’s Mom and Daughter’ by Huang Qishan – Guoqing’s goosebump moment

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“Hi! I’m Guoqing, and I’m from China. My goosebump moment is with the song ‘It’s Mom and Daughter.’ This song encapsulates the profound love between a mom and a daughter, a bond I share with my mother. I first heard it during the Spring Festival Gala, and it deeply resonated with me. When the music swells, and the voices of the mother and daughter echo together, I feel a chill – a rush of emotion that ties me back to my family and our shared love. Now, every time I hear the song, I’m brought back to that moment again, and I still get goosebumps. I think that’s the power of the music, and that’s my goosebump moment. Thanks for your watching!”


A Heart-Warming “2023 Spring Festival Gala”

The song ‘It’s Mom or Daughter’ sung by Huang Qishan can be called the most heart-warming and moving program of China Central Radio and Television’s “2023 Spring Festival Gala”. It was broadcast on January 21, 2023.

The song ‘It’s Mom or Daughter’ was written by Tang Tian, ​​composed by Qian Lei, and sung by Xilinnayi Gao and Huang Qishan. The theme of this song is the communication between a mother and a grown-up daughter. A mind-to-heart communication process. In fact, the theme of this song can be seen from the lyrics of Huang Qishan and Xilinnayi Gao.

During the singing, Huang Qishan played the role of a mother. She sang at home while missing her daughter who was studying abroad, while Xilinnayi Gao was sitting on the high-speed rail and communicating with her mother while going back to school.

Finally, when the libretto of mother-daughter reconciliation was performed, Xilinnayi Gao and Huang Qishan reunited together. This kind of communication also meant the end of the generation gap and the reconciliation of the relationship between mother and daughter.

Huang Qishan is well-known in the music scene and is also known as the “Asia’s No. 1 Female Voice”. Her voice is very penetrating. She sang ‘Asian Pride’, ‘Love and Sin’, ‘Come Together’ and other songs. It’s hard to be imitated and is a very capable singer.

She was born in an ordinary family, worked as a waiter, and worked as a handyman. Later, she was discovered by the producer by chance, not a subject. She was born, and because of her unremarkable appearance, it’s harder to find a place in the entertainment industry.

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