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Nenad ( Macedonia Macedonia )

The Song “Kiss the Rain” by Yiruma – Nenad’s goosebump moment

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“Hi, I’m Nenad, and I’m from North Macedonia. My goosebump moment is the premiere of the play I wrote dedicated to my first love. I also acted in the play together with a girl who looked a lot like my first love. In the last scene of the play, we kill each other symbolically, while the song “Kiss the Rain” by Yiruma plays in the background. Otherwise, the song always reminds me of her, “my strawberry”, as I call her. Every time I listen to it, memories from many years ago come back to me, and tears come to my eyes. In other words, those were the days, the golden days of my life, those bombs.”


Exploring Yiruma’s “Kiss the Rain”

Yiruma’s “Kiss the Rain,” a poignant instrumental composition with vocals by Hienie, stands as a testament to this sentiment. Released in 2011 as part of the album “Yiruma from the Yellow Room,” this piece serves as a melodic journey through heartache and separation, painting an evocative narrative through its soft and melancholic melodies.

The song weaves a story of profound emotion through its musical notes. The delicate composition gently describes the heart-wrenching scenario of a couple forced to part ways due to the unreciprocated nature of their love. The rain, a motif that reappears throughout the piece, assumes the role of a poignant observer, witnessing their separation and the emotions it brings. This universal theme of love and loss resonates deeply with listeners, invoking empathy and introspection.

Yiruma’s mastery over the piano is evident in “Kiss the Rain.” The music flows gracefully, capturing the ebb and flow of emotions with every keystroke. The melancholic tones create a tapestry of sentiment, enveloping the listener in an atmosphere of contemplation and nostalgia. The piece’s minimalistic arrangement allows the emotions to shine through, creating an intimate connection between the music and the heart.

Throughout “Kiss the Rain,” the recurring imagery of rain serves as a powerful metaphor. Rainfall is often associated with cleansing, renewal, and transition. In the context of the song, it symbolizes the emotional release that comes with accepting the reality of a fading love. The rain becomes a silent witness to the couple’s separation, mirroring their tears and unspoken emotions. This imagery adds depth to the song, resonating with anyone who has experienced the pain of unrequited affection.

The culmination of “Kiss the Rain” is marked by a subtle yet significant modulation back to A major. This musical shift imparts a sense of closure and acceptance, suggesting that the protagonist will find strength to cope with the situation. While the heartache remains, the modulation hints at the possibility of healing and moving forward. Yiruma’s composition thus mirrors the complexities of human emotion, where hope and resilience often emerge from the depths of sorrow.

It is not merely a song; it’s an emotional journey encapsulated in musical notes. Yiruma’s ability to convey feelings without words is a testament to the universal language of music. Through its gentle melodies and evocative imagery, the piece invites listeners to immerse themselves in a realm of introspection and empathy. The rain-soaked separation it portrays serves as a mirror to our own experiences of love, loss, and the intricate tapestry of the human heart.

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