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The song ‘Levels’ by Avicii – Nathan’s goosebump moment

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“Hi! It’s Nathan, and I’m from Gibraltar. My goosebump moment would have to be the very first time I ever saw Avicii in concert. It also turned out to be the only time I ever saw him in concert. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life. It was just after his album “True” came out. I had been a fan of his for many years, but I loved every single song. Specifically, when he played ‘Levels’ at his concert. That is my all-time favorite song. Out of the millions of songs, that song makes me so happy still every time it comes on. I was at the concert with my best friend. The lights, the smoke, the crowd – it was just incredible. And I will never ever forget that goosebump moment for the rest of my life. So thank you, Avicii!.”


A Timeless Hit

Avicii’s ‘Levels’ has become an instant classic. Released in 2011, it quickly became a global sensation and has since been featured in films, shows, and commercials. It was the first single from his studio album “True” and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording.

The song itself is an upbeat house track with memorable lyrics that have become iconic over the years. Its unique sound includes samples of Etta James’ ‘Something’s Got a Hold on Me’ as well as Flo Rida’s ‘Good Feeling’. This combination of sounds makes it instantly recognizable and its infectious beat will get you dancing in no time!

Avicii himself said of the song: “This was one of those songs that came together really quickly, almost too quickly… I sent it to my manager who immediately heard something special in it. We knew we had something great in our hands so we decided to make a video to go along with the track.”

The success of ‘Levels’

The music video features actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad) as an everyday guy who gets swept up into a wild night out after hearing the song. The video has been viewed over 500 million times on YouTube, making it one of the most popular videos ever released by an artist.

The success of ‘Levels’ has made it one of Avicii’s most beloved tracks and cemented his status as an electronic music superstar. It has also earned him numerous awards including two MTV Music Awards and two Billboard Music Awards.

Since its release, ‘Levels’ has become a staple at clubs and festivals around the world and continues to be played everywhere from radio stations to car stereos. It remains a fan favorite today after nearly ten years since its debut – proof that timeless music never goes out of style!

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