Si Pudiera

Manuel Medrano

Jason ( Belize Belize )

The Song ‘Si Pudiera’ by Manuel Medrano – Jason’s goosebump moment

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“Hi! This is Jason from Belize, and this is my goosebump moment. So, there is this Spanish song that always gives me chills, and it’s called ‘Si Pudiera’ by Manuel Medrano and it literally translates to “If I Could”. The lyrics are so heartfelt and raw, that you know, makes it feel more real and relatable. The song itself talks about the regret and loss of opportunities in a relationship and also the desire to go back in time to fix things. It’s a feeling that I think a lot of people can definitely relate to, and it hits me hard every time I hear it. The way Manuel sings the lyrics is so passionate and genuine and he conveys the emotions of the song really well that it makes it feels like he is speaking to me directly. It’s almost like I can feel his pain and I can feel his longing. And, honestly, the music itself is really beautiful and with a simple yet powerful melody that perfectly complements the lyrics. It’s a song that I could listen to over and over again.”


‘Si Pudiera’ Captures the Pain of Loss

Manuel Medrano’s single, “Si Pudiera,” is a hauntingly beautiful ode to lost love. The song captures the pain and loneliness of not having that special person in your life anymore. Through his soulful lyrics, Medrano expresses his desire to turn back time and understand what he never saw, and how without her, his life no longer has meaning.

“It’s a song about the sadness and loneliness felt when you don’t have that special someone in your life,” says Medrano. “The feeling of wishing you could find someone with the same eyes, lips, mouth, and skin as the woman you love – it’s something I wanted to express in this song.”

The track opens with a melancholy guitar line before slowly building up into an emotional chorus that showcases Medrano’s signature vocal style. His heartfelt lyrics are complemented by a dreamy production style that creates an atmosphere of longing for something long gone but still deeply missed.

Medrano, a Colombian pop singer and a winner of two Latin Grammy Awards, speaks of his hope for another chance at understanding what he missed out on: “Time gives me another opportunity / To understand that without her my life has no more meaning”. He reflects on the idea that despite our best attempts at moving forward after loss, we often find ourselves looking back in regret.

“I wanted to capture the sentiment of being unable to move on because you can’t let go,” says Medrano. “It’s like you’re stuck in limbo between wanting to look ahead and not being able to forget the past.”

With its powerful message and captivating soundscape, “Si Pudiera” is sure to resonate with listeners who have experienced loss or heartache in their lives. The song serves as a reminder that time sometimes offers us a second chance – if only we’re brave enough to take it.

Who is Manuel Medrano?

The story of Manuel Medrano begins when he failed a school year and, as “punishment”, received a guitar. From the age of 16, he began writing songs, which motivated him to start a career as a solo artist.

For several years he played in bars in Bogota while composing his songs, which, years later, made him popular at the national level. Manuel Medrano composes romantic music that he calls pop-cast because it doesn’t come from a specific genre, but from various influences of Latin American singer-songwriters.

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