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Julian ( Guatemala Guatemala )

The song ‘Tabaco y Chanel’ from Bacilos – Julian’s goosebump moment

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“Hi! My name is Julian, and I am from Guatemala. My goosebump moment was when I heard ‘Tabaco y Chanel’ from Bacilos. This is a really beautiful song, and it reminds me of my childhood. When I was a child, I used to sing this song a lot and I think it is one of the songs that made me love music and that made me love singing. So, when I hear it, even if it is a song about the loss of a love, it makes me happy. So when I’m sad, I listen to this song and it makes me change my mood, it helps me to be happy and it’s a really beautiful song.”


The story of a longing for love

Who hasn’t sung the lyrics of ‘Tabaco y Chanel’ during their adolescence or youth? This single was released in 2000 and catapulted Bacilos to fame.

This song was written by Jorge Villamizar, one of the members of the group, and tells the story of a longing for love after his departure to an unknown location. The song is part of the album ‘Bacilos’, being the most important of the group’s discographic material.

The story behind the song

To write this single, Villamizar was inspired by a girlfriend he met when he was just 20 years old during a trip to England. The girl who stole his dreams, when he was still young, was a girl who liked smoking, fashion, and designer clothes.

According to what the Colombian revealed sometime later, they both had two bags that were the same. One day, the woman decided to disappear from his life and left behind only his jacket. The singer, upon smelling her, distinguished the scent of an expensive Chanel perfume and tobacco, because of the cigarettes that the young woman used to smoke.

This woman marked the singer’s life so much that he decided to turn her into a song. And what an inspiration because the song became a classic and is still sung by young people in love.

Who is Bacilos?

Bacilos is a multinational group, which was formed by the Colombian Jorge Villamizar, on vocals and guitar; the Puerto Rican J.J. Freire on drums, and the Brazilian André Lopes, on bass.

This trio was formed in the mid-nineties, specifically in 1997, in Miami, Florida, United States, a city whose mixture of Caribbean and North American cultures helped them in shaping their sound.

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