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To Make You Feel My Love by Adele – Valeria’s goosebump momentt

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“Hey there, my name is Valeria and I come from Martinique. I want to share with you my goosebump moment. One day I was scrolling through my TikTok when suddenly a video of Adele’s concert popped up. Turns out that a boy had planned a surprise party or proposal for his girlfriend and Adele dedicated her song “To Make You Feel My Love”. Now, I’m not a fan of Adele, but I don’t know how a video can make you feel so many things. I just remember feeling so emotional and thinking “I want this in my life”. Plus, Adele’s voice in that video sounds so powerful and beautiful, it just sounds unreal. And, well, fun fact, every time I hear this song I just wanna cry.”


Emotional moment as Adele helps a fan propose to his girlfriend

During a special Adele show that aired live on the American network CBS, the British singer helped a fan, Quentin Brunson, propose to his girlfriend, Ashleigh Mann.

After the proposal, Adele went a step further and sang “Make You Feel My Love” to the newly engaged couple. The emotional moment was one of many moments for the show as Adele performed for the first time in over four years.


When someone decides to propose to the person they love and want to spend the rest of their life with, they want that romantic moment to be unique, special, and unrepeatable. Therefore, finding a way to surprise your partner is becoming an opportunity to show how original one can be. Although many think that this moment should be a moment of deep intimacy, others like Quentin Brunson wanted to surprise his girlfriend, Ashleigh Mann, with whom he has been dating for seven years, by proposing marriage during the celebration of a special show of the British singer Adele that was broadcasted live on the American network CBS.

The concert, the singer’s first after four years without being on stage, was held in Los Angeles and was attended by a large audience and television cameras that were able to capture the emotional moment and the surprised face of the bride when she saw Adele on stage dedicating a song to her.

“In shock”

At one point in the show ‘Adele One Night Only’, the singer comments to the audience that she is going to give a surprise to Ashleigh and asks that the stage lights be lowered and that no one makes any noise. After this moment, Quentin appears hand in hand with his girlfriend who is wearing a mask and headphones so as not to see or hear anything that happens.

When he reaches the stairs in front of the stage, we can see how he kneels in front of her without letting go of her hand and she asks if she can take off the mask. When she takes it off, she is perplexed to see herself surrounded by the audience. It is then that Quentin declares his love for her: “I love you; I love you, I love you, I love you and I will continue to love you forever”.

Adele dedicated ‘Make You Feel My Love’ to the couple

Before a nervous Ashleigh, who ended up giving the “I do” totally excited and in front of thousands of spectators, the light was turned back on and appeared on stage the singer who laughed to see the young woman “in shock”. After this, Adele, who has just released her latest album (’30’), gave an emotional performance of ‘Make You Feel My Love’, which she dedicated to the engaged couple.

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