Contando Lunares

Don Patricio

Patricio ( Chile Chile )

‘Contando Lunares’ by Don Patricio – Patricio’s goosebump moment

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“Hi! I am Patricio, I am from Chile and my goosebump moment was one night here in Chile when we went to a nightclub with all my friends, and we were dancing. We were looking at a girl, that was the most beautiful girl in the club and the song ‘Contando Lunare’s by Don Patricio started playing and I love that song, and I started dancing and moving like never before. It was like I was passed by the flow of Don Patricio and the woman started noticing me and started getting closer to me and we started dancing really, really close. Still, I hesitated whether to kiss her or not, and when I realized the girl got close and kissed me and it was amazing.


Don Patricio Lights Up the Music Scene with ‘Contando Lunares’

Singer and producer Don Patricio brought a new sound to the music scene of 2019 with his single, ‘Contando Lunares’. The song, written and composed by Don Patricio himself, is an upbeat pop-reggaeton track that showcases the artist’s knack for creating catchy melodies and fresh beats.

The single has already made waves in Latin America, reaching the number one spot on Apple Music’s “Top Latino” chart shortly after its release. “I wanted to write a song about my emotions, about life and dreams,” says Patricio Martín Díaz, better known as Don Patricio. “I think that when you listen to it you can feel all of this in each line of the lyrics”.

The song certainly reflects the spirit of its creator; it is a vibrant piece of music filled with energy and emotion. Its cheerful chorus is sure to get stuck in your head after just one listen! The lyrics also explore themes such as self-discovery and living life to the fullest.

Don Patricio first emerged onto the Spanish music scene back in 2018 with his debut EP ‘Patricio’. Since then he has gone from strength to strength, releasing a further two EPs as well as various singles and collaborations with some of Spain’s biggest artists. His unique style blends together elements from many different genres including reggaeton, rap, and pop – something that can be heard on ‘Contando Lunares’.

Don Patricio recently finished his first-ever tour titled ‘Ruta Cero’. During this tour, he visited cities across Spain performing songs from his three EPs as well as some unreleased material – including ‘Contando Lunares’ which was released shortly before the tour began.

With its infectious beat, uplifting chorus, and meaningful lyrics ‘Contando Lunares’ have been become an anthem for anyone looking for motivation or just wanting something fun to dance along to!

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