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The Song ‘Colors’ by Black Pumas – German’s goosebump moment

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“Hello, my name is German, and I’m from Aruba. My goosebump moment is my experience at the Picnic Festival because there were a lot of well-known bands in addition to several bands that I didn’t know. The concert was on Saturday and as soon as we arrived at the venue, we saw the Royal Band, great musicians, and his band was fantastic. Then I went to the Black Pumas station, which was one of the new bands for me. And I was very surprised by the music. The performance was impeccable and I really enjoyed their song ‘Colors’. It’s absolutely incredible and exciting, a great good song. In conclusion, the band was fantastic and this was one of the best memories of my life.”


Uplifting Anthem ‘Colors’

The song of the Black Pumas, the Austin-based soul and rock duo, is a powerful reminder of the beauty of life and its many vibrant hues. The track is composed of a driving beat, smooth guitar riffs, and soulful vocals by lead singer Eric Burton.

It builds to an inspiring chorus where he sings: “And I see colors all around me / Ain’t no way no one can deny it / I’m alive, feeling so alive / Colors in my eyes”.

The lyrics are reflective of the band’s mission to spread joy and positivity through their music. They draw on influences from classic funk, soul, and psychedelic rock to create a sound that is both modern and timeless.

The accompanying music video for ‘Colors’ takes viewers on a visual journey across the United States. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Zac Manuel, it features stunning visuals of cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New Orleans – all set to the upbeat melody of the song.

In a statement about the single, frontman Eric Burton said: “This song was written as an anthem for hope and joy during these uncertain times… We wanted to make something that could bring people together in celebration and appreciation for life’s beauty”.

This message has resonated with fans worldwide who have been captivated by Black Pumas’ unique brand of music.

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