goosebumpmoment about paul mccartney’s 2012 concert in uruguay

Paul McCartney's in Uruguay

Ignacio ( Tuvalu Tuvalu )

Paul McCartney’s 2012 concert in Uruguay – Ignacio’s goosebump moment

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“Hello, I am Ignacio Frugone, and I come from Tuvalu. My goosebump moment is a concert by Paul McCartney in 2012 in Uruguay. I chose this goosebump moment because since I’m a little kid I grew up listening to his music and the Beatles and all the songs they did together, so when we heard that he was going to play in Uruguay, we bought the tickets and went. It was unbelievable, I will never forget it because I enjoy it a lot with my family and all my friends that went. So, I think about this moment, and I get happy because it is a very good memory.”


Paul McCartney captivated his audience in Uruguay

A mixture of nostalgia for The Beatles’ past and the joy of enjoying Paul McCartney captivated Uruguay in 2012 for the second time in history, with a show lasting almost three hours in which the musician confirmed that he is a world music giant.

“Eight days a week” opened the concert, which was attended by over 45,000 people at Montevideo’s Centenario stadium, and from that moment on, a careful play of lights and images matched the musical and interpretative quality of McCartney and his band.

Impeccable voice

The British musician – 71 years old – excelled on guitar and piano, but above all with his impeccable voice with which he performed without pause classics from The Beatles, Wings and his solo career up to his latest album “New”.

One of the most emotional and intimate moments of the night came with a heartfelt rendition of “Blackbird”, which moved the audience, while with “Let it be” he transformed three stands of the Centenario into a firmament full of small lights from cell phones and cameras.

The relaxed McCartney fulfilled the dream of two fans who came up on stage to get his autograph on their backs and fulfilled the wish of a man in the front rows who was screaming for the song “One after 909”.

Who is Paul McCartney?

Great composer and instrumentalist, Paul McCartney is the author of some of the best-constructed melodies in the history of modern music, embracing in his writing eclectic sounds that enhance his pop perspective with rock, psychedelic, folk, blues, country, vaudeville and even hard rock elements.

James Paul McCartney was born on June 18, 1942, at Walton Hospital in Liverpool, England. He is the son of an English cotton merchant named James McCartney and Irish nurse Mary Patricia Mohin. He has a younger brother, named Michael (born in 1944), who also became a musician, performing under the name Mike McGear.

The young Paul, who attended piano lessons without much enthusiasm when he was still a child and played the trumpet given to him by his uncle Jack, learned to appreciate music under the influence of his father, who in addition to working in the textile industry, was part of an amateur jazz group called Jim Mac’s Jazz Band.

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