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The Song ‘Intrigued’ by Nico & Vinz – Camilla’s goosebump moment

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“Hi! I’m Camilla, from Norway, and this is my goosebumps moment, the biggest and best of my life. I listened to the song ‘Intrigued’ by Nico & Vinz after finally daring to kiss my crush. We were camping and drinking and dancing and laughing. I kissed her, and then we kissed a lot, and more, and cuddled, and I felt like she might like it too! That felt so good. and after that, I knew I was falling so much in love and now completely in love! I never felt that before her! Now we’ve been together for a year”


‘Be Intrigued’ by Nico & Vinz

Norwegian musical duo, Nico & Vinz, gained worldwide recognition with their hit single ‘Am I Wrong?’ in 2013. Since then, they have been delivering electrifying music with success, and their latest release, ‘Intrigued’, is no exception.

Released on June 22, 2017 via Warner Records, this song showcases Nico & Vinz’s abilities to create music that transcends boundaries and captivates listeners.

Once again elegantly intertwining pop, hip-hop, rock and traditional African styles, ‘Intrigued’ serves as another unpredictable and undeniable anthem from the pair.

About the song, they commented: “‘Intrigued’ is an album we are very excited to release. We are passionate about the sound and meaning behind it. We believe it will give fans a look at another side of Nico & Vinz that they may not have been exposed to yet.”

Accompanying the song, the duo also unveiled a cinematic music video for ‘Intrigued’. Directed by Moni Vargas [Pharrell, Will Smith], the clip combines the energy of the track with a captivating, fast-paced visual narrative that is as personal as it is powerful.

“We wanted to shoot a video that represents the raw emotion and reality of the song,” added Nico & Vinz.

“It’s a very real look at the personal emotions and feelings we both had, as well as our experiences when writing the album. Everything from the actresses to the furniture and artwork we pulled straight from our homes to accompany the video gives people a glimpse into the men behind the record.”

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