Disco Maghreb

DJ Snake

Haris ( Norway Norway )

‘Disco Maghreb’ by DJ Snake – Haris’ goosebump moment

(text video)

“Hi! I am Haris, and I am from Norway. My goosebump moment was when I listened to a song by the name of Disco Maghreb. I was with my friend. We were chilling, having fun, and playing some games, and we started to open up Youtube, and we got a suggestion for a song. It was an Algerian song. In that song, we didn’t know the meaning of the words that the singer was talking about, but the feeling was really nice. The music hit us from the inside, and we got an adrenaline rush. We started dancing and having fun because that music was really mesmerizing for us. We had a good time. That was my goosebump moment, and I feel this is one of the best songs I have heard in my life. I really had fun that day. I was amazed. Thank you!”


A Bridge Between Different Generations and Origins

Seemingly kicking off a new musical era following a huge Ultra Miami performance in the first half of this year and an explosive 2021, DJ Snake returned in 2022 with yet another larger-than-life anthem, as he is known for making across many different genres.

‘Disco Maghreb’ acts as a callback to his roots and to his deep love for North African music, giving fans a rare intimate peek into himself as a person and opening up in a way. This is possibly his most personal release yet, and fans have been loving seeing this new side to him.

The track is named after and inspired by an Algerian record shop – the setting for the official music video – and label of the same name, and sees him connect with his heritage and roots, and also connect the Arab world with the rest of the world by showcasing a strong and powerful culture with different generations.

As is with every release from the star, ‘Disco Maghreb’ is punchy and has a kick to it, but is also intricate and cleverly thought out through its soundscape, making for an impeccable listening experience that further proves him to be a dynamic force to be reckoned with.

The track and video pay tribute to DJ Snake’s Algerian roots – he was born in Paris to a French father and an Algerian mother. On Twitter, the 35-year-old producer explained that he imagined ‘Disco Maghreb’ “as a bridge between different generations and origins, linking North Africa, the Arab world and beyond… This is a love letter to my people”.

In a press release, the artist claims that he wanted to witness “the energy of globalized youth, traditional dances, and the spirit of jubilation on screen. At the same time, it captures the angst and desire for freedom manifested by a hyperconnected generation of young women and men from the Middle East, North Africa, and everywhere else”.

The video was shot in Oran and Algiers in Climat de France, a working-class neighborhood known for its rich colonial history. It was shot by French director Elias Belkeddar along with filmmaker and videographer Romain Gavras (M.I.A., Jay-Z, Kanye West…) as creative supervisor.

Oscillating between tradition and modernity, the video invites us into an Algerian cassette shop before taking us on a trip to a lively wedding, steep rocks, a camel race or even on the road, among young Algerians wearing Nike TN sneakers and Adidas flip-flops while riding mopeds.

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