Mi Dulce Secreto


Marian ( Curaçao Curaçao )

The Song ‘Mi Dulce Secreto’ by Cubi.k – Marian’s goosebump moment

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“Hi! My name is Marian, and I am from Curaçao. My goosebump moment is about a song called ‘Mi Dulce Secreto’ (My Sweet Secret) that I used to sing with my former Cubi.k band. We were a band that used to be in different magazines and TV shows and stuff like that, but no one really knew us. But that song ended up in the soundtrack of a TV series, so they invited us to a really big show that we were at once before. But as no one really knew us, it was like, okay maybe this time someone will show up, maybe 2 or 3 people will know our song. Okay, it’s okay, let’s go! And when we get on that stage, it was like: what is happening here? Everyone was screaming, everyone giving us presents and stuff like that, and the most important thing: everyone knew our song! We were like oh my God! It was so exciting! So exciting! And well, that’s my goosebump moment. I hope you enjoy it! Bye!”


A Sweet Secret of Music

‘Mi Dulce Secreto’ (My Sweet Secret), a song by the Venezuelan band Cubi.k, is a stunning blend of traditional Latin American sounds and modern production techniques, with a message of love and hope.

The story behind the song is truly remarkable. It was written in honor of the band members’ grandmothers who had recently passed away, and it speaks to their deep connection to family and culture. Lead singer Javier Rangel said, “This song is about cherishing those we have lost but remembering them through our love.”

A Mix of Traditional Instruments

The band’s producer, Juan Carlos Salas Cordero added, “We wanted to create something that could bring joy to people in difficult times. We wanted it to be uplifting yet still grounded in our cultural roots.”

With its irresistible rhythms and heartfelt lyrics, ‘Mi Dulce Secreto’ is sure to become an instant classic for fans of Latin American music around the world. The mix of traditional instruments such as quenas (Andean flutes) and charangos (small guitars) with modern beats creates a sound like no other. It’s a perfect example of how Cubi.k fuses different styles together to create something unique.

The release of this track marks another milestone for the band as they continue on their journey toward becoming one of Venezuela’s most beloved bands. As guitarist Jose Luis Pacheco explains: “We want to share our music with people everywhere so that we can connect with them through our culture.”

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