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The Song “Rapapapam” by MiyaGi – Katya’s goosebump moment

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“Hi, my name is Katya, and I’m from Russia. My goosebump moment happened when I first heard one of the songs of the Russian pop singer Miyagi. His voice is so magical and inspiring. My favorite song is “Rapapapam”. The name is funny, but the meaning and vibe of this song is gorgeous. I dreamt of going to his concert, but it was too expensive. Miyagi’s songs helped me cope with difficult situations and inspired me to continue my work when nothing worked out. God, his songs are just the best that exists, I advise you to listen. Bye!”


The Russian Hip Hop Scene with Azamat Kudzaev

Miyagi (real name Azamat Kudzaev) is a rapper who became a rising force in the Russian hip hop scene with songs like “When I Win,” “No War” and “I Got Love.” He is known for his frequent collaborations with rappers such as Endgame, with whom he recorded the 2016 album “Hajime 2”.

In the Azamat family, a creative atmosphere reigned, although the parents had no direct relation to art. Father and mother are doctors. Kazbek Kudzaev is a respected surgeon in his homeland, in North Ossetia he runs the Center for Orthopedics and Aesthetic Surgery. The parents raised their two sons (Azamat has a brother) in Ossetian traditions.

Since childhood, Azamat has demonstrated versatile talents: he read a lot, became interested in martial arts, the boy showed an ear for music and a beautiful voice early. At school, Kudzaev Jr. was nicknamed “Shau” (in the Ossetian language “sau” – black, swarthy). This is how the first creative pseudonym of a musician was born. The second, Miyagi, is a tribute to the martial arts master who trained the main character in the movie “The Karate Kid”.

The choice of profession to Azamat Kudzaev was dictated by respect for his father and a tragic incident. At the age of 7, the future rapper MiyaGi fell under a tram and almost died. The efforts of doctors tore the boy from the clutches of death. Choosing a medical institute after leaving school, Azamat said “thank you” to the doctors for the second birth.

The rapper could have become an excellent orthopedist or plastic surgeon, but his passion for music turned out to be so strong that he made Azamat frankly tell his father about it, who dreamed of seeing his son as a successor to the dynasty. Kazbek Kudzaev did not have much joy from the choice of his son, but the wise parents allowed Azamat to follow his path. The father blessed his son, taking the promise that he would become the best “where he went.” A year later, MiyaGi fulfilled his promise: the name of the Ossetian performer was recognized by rap fans far beyond Vladikavkaz.

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