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The Song “Up & Up” by Coldplay – Aldo’s goosebump moment

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“Hi, I’m Aldo, and I’m from Panama. My goosebump moment was when I went to a Coldplay concert and heard the song “Up & Up”. There were too many people singing together like one. It was awesome. Coldplay is my favorite band in the whole world. This song makes me happy and reminds me I can do whatever I want, no matter what. I only need to believe in myself. At the end of the song, you can hear, “Never give up.” It’s absolutely beautiful to me.”


“Up & Up”, an encouraging song

How far can the horizons of our imagination go? How are images capable of transforming metaphors into evidence? Is it possible to deny the power of the visual in the materialization of desires? A series of moving images that make up the video clip for Coldplay’s song “Up & Up,” from their seventh studio album, A Head Full of Dreams, provides some clues.

The lyrics of the song are encouraging, referring to opportunities and powers, to projecting desires and making them come true. It points to the capacity of each one of us to transform what is not right, what is unfair, what hurts, and also to the power of doing it with others, of doing it together. And it appeals to the notion of the relative, the real can be constructed according to the point of view of whoever interprets it.

Here the metaphors are materialized by the images and do not necessarily have a direct correspondence with what the text refers to, they are symbolic. It is a video that reflects the identity of the band and its visual innovations.

Throughout the four minutes of duration, the excellent digital resolution gives fluidity to a sequence of about eighty scenes. Even without the playback of the song, the video never ceases to amaze.

In general, there are resources that are repeated to articulate the real and the illusory, such as the presence of everyday spaces or objects with others that are distant or out of the ordinary. Among them and through the operation of montage, the laws of gravity are flouted, uses are distorted, scales, dimensions and places are modified.

The critics’ opinions have emphasized the use of fantasy, the creation of surrealistic scenes. Hypnotic and dreamlike.

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