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The Song “No se va” by Morat – Jonathan’s goosebump moment

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“Hello, I’m Jonathan and I’m from the Dominican Republic. My goosebump moment is “No se va”, a song from Morat. This is a song from a band, I really like all their songs, but especially this song. I’ve heard it like 500 times. When I was in school, this song came to me and especially this part of the lyrics in Spanish.”


The story of ‘No se va’, Morat’s song that Grupo Frontera made viral

It has been in their concerts in which Morat, a Colombian band, has not hesitated to express how was the creative process of some of their songs as they did with “No se va”, as Juan Pablo Isaza was in charge of explaining to the public how they were getting the song little by little.

According to what Morat’s vocalist and guitarist pointed out, ‘No se va’ first started with some keyboard chords played by Juanjo, later he was joined by Simón on guitar, Juan Pablo Villamil on ukulele and Martín on drums, so they only needed the lyrics, to which Juan Pablo stated that they started with the chorus “a simple but forceful phrase” and the rest was history.

Although this song was written by Morat, it was Grupo Frontera who gave the song greater recognition thanks to the fact that it went viral on TikTok in its northern version, so the members of the Colombian band have not hesitated to react to this.

Although the members of Morat point out that they would have loved for the success of “No se va” with Grupo Frontera to have been with them, they think it is very important that their music is reaching other genres, such as Norteño, because people who would never listen to anything by the Colombians will probably listen to it.

The truth is that, although it is the same song, curiously “No se va” sounds completely different with Morat and with Grupo Frontera, there will even be those who prefer the regional Mexican version than the original, and just as the Colombians said, this song would be available for all tastes, being the beauty of music in general.

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