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The Song “Levitating” by Dua Lipa – CuiNa’s goosebump moment

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“Hi! I’m CuiNa, and I’m from China. My goosebump moment is about a song named “Levitating” by Dua Lipa. Especially the AMA’s live version of “Levitating”. I encountered this version when I was browsing a YouTube channel. I remembered Dua wearing a full set of mint blue outfits and makeup, making her whole life even more vibrant! With the rhythmic beat, lyrics, and dynamic dance moves, I wiped out all my bad feelings every time I saw it. Especially at the end of the live show, Dua really levitated by the wire; the whole scenery was breathtakingly beautiful and has become my curl ever since. So, it is my goosebump moment!”


“Levitating”, one of the biggest hits by Dua Lipa

There is no doubt that when talking about Dua Lipa, magnificent tracks like “Love Again,” “Don’t Start Now” or the unique “Un Día” with J Balvin, Bad Bunny, and Tainy come to mind. However, “Levitating” breaks the schemes and gets everyone dancing. But did you know it has a peculiar story behind it? Read on, we will tell you all about it below.

2020 was a big year for English singer-songwriter Dua Lipa or, as Wendy Williams would say, “Dula Peep.” The superstar released her 80s disco-tinged album Nostalgia for the Future, which saw her do a “complete 180,” as she sang on “Don’t Start Now,” going from a rising pop contender to a total hitmaker.

This song has a catchy beat, but it’s her unique curiosity behind its creation that can steal the show. And her inspiration was none other than Austin Powers!

Spacey, futuristic, and 80s sounds make up the attractive production, very 80s style, and that brings to mind the attitude of the flamboyant British spy who dealt with the obstacles presented to him by Dr. Evil; the influences of his childhood are represented in the title, as Dua confessed to the podcast ‘Explosions of Songs.’

“Many of my childhood influences are songs and music that my parents listened to. A lot of Jamiroquai, Prince, Blondie. And when those songs are played now […] all I want to do is dance,” the artist enthusiastically explains.

However, Dua Lipa has faced three lawsuits since the release of “Levitating” in August 2020 as part of her second studio album Future Nostalgia.

The first was by reggae group Artikal Sound System, who claimed that the British singer had plagiarized their single “Live Your Life.” On the other hand, Dua Lipa has a separate lawsuit ongoing with songwriters Sandy Linzer and L. Russell Brown—copyright claims.

And recently, Dua Lipa received a lawsuit from musician Bosko Kante, who claims that the singer and her label never asked his permission to include the recording of her “talk box” device in the remixes of “Levitating.”

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