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Gabriela ( Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea )

The song “Yet to Come” by South Korean boy band BTS – Gabriela’s goosebump moment

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“Hello, my name is Gabriela. I live in Equatorial Guinea. My goosebump moment was when this year in June I listened for the first time to this BTS song called “Yet to Come.” Because this song says things like my best is yet to come. Even when the past was great, my best is yet to come, and after living through a year of pandemic, I think these lyrics gave me hope for my future as a young woman living at this time. And yes, when I listened for the first time, I felt these goosebumps on my skin because it gave me a feeling of hope that I missed, that I missed for a long time”.


“Yet to come,” a song with a lot of emotionality

K-pop has consolidated itself as one of the most potent and promising industries globally after its conquest in the West. Proof of this is that not even the coronavirus pandemic could stop the millionaire profits of the leading entertainment agencies.

One such case is the group BTS with their song “Yet to come,” which contains lyrics that add emotion to the new musical era of K-pop superstars. In this song, the members of this South Korean group reaffirm their identity by telling thousands of people that, although they have been through a lot, their love for music and themselves is still intact since they started this adventure many years ago.

The success behind BTS

With the birth of the group BTS, a new era of Korean pop music began. Big Hit Entertainment created the group through several castings in which they chose all the members. Finally, they debuted in 2013 with the song “No More Dream”.

The group’s name means BangTan Sonyeondan, something like “Bulletproof Boys.” Although their success was not immediate initially, their YouTube videos became increasingly popular. In them, they performed everything from dance tutorials to covers of songs by other artists.

Initially, the band’s style was more influenced by musical styles such as hip-hop. However, when they realized their first work, “2Cool 4 Skool” was less successful than expected, they sought a renewal for their next project, “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life”.

This time, with 70,000 copies sold and their entry in the Billboard World Albums chart, their path was going in the right direction, something that was further accentuated with the release of “Wings”. With this album, BTS began to resonate outside the Asian borders, being the first South Korean album to position itself within the British chart.

K-Pop, a musical phenomenon that broke boundaries

As many have said, music is a universal language. What better example to understand this than the recent widespread phenomenon of K-Pop, a group of teenagers who, despite singing in Korean, have crossed cultural borders worldwide. Why this trend?

Since the 1990s, Korean music has begun to travel the globe in a way that can only compare to the significant impact of American and British cultural products.

With its colorful music videos, boys and girls with slender bodies and angelic faces, easy-to-consume music rhythms ranging from pop, hip-hop, rap, rock, rhythm, and blues to electronic music, K-Pop is a music movement increasingly present in the daily consumption of music lovers. Not only in Asia but in hundreds of places around the world.

BTS, Twice, 2NE1, B1A4, and Lee Hi are some of the most famous music groups in the world.

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