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The Song “Hoy” by Jáuregui – Miguel’s goosebump moment

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“Hi guys! My name is Miguel, and I’m from El Salvador. Pretty much in a nutshell, I just dream of becoming a big photographer and traveling around the world, but in some different circumstances of life, I haven’t been able to achieve this. Also, I just want to be a fan of a Mexican songwriter and musician. His name is Jáuregui, he is kind of famous, but mostly he does music about football/soccer, and I’m crazy about soccer. So, on one opportunity, he asked the fans to send him some pictures. So, everyone can chip in because it was going to be part of a new video. I sent him a message, never thought that he was going to give me the chance because I’m not Mexican, I’m Salvadorian. I sent him three pictures and at the end he posted (used) two different pictures on his video, so he made my day. That was my goosebump moment. So take care, guys!”


Jáuregui, the ball-loving rocker

Jáuregui is both a rock star and a passionate soccer fan. As the creator of the FutRock genre, he has found the most natural language to transmit the feelings that the ball awakens and to create anthems that are sung throughout the American continent. There is no neighborhood, city or stadium that escapes his iconic themes.

His flagship title, “La vida no es lo mismo sin fútbol”, has been the theme song for television programs in Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Costa Rica and the United States, mainly.

About what inspired him to dedicate himself to music through soccer, he said that “I’ve been composing songs since I was 10 years old, and I’ve been playing soccer since I was five years old. It is part of my life. Professionally, I was an advertising creative for Club de Futbol Monterrey. I always insisted that we make original soccer songs, since they are all songs that come from South America, but there was never any money, so I put my money together and made an EP of four songs that I released before the 2006 World Cup,” he said.

In 2007, Jáuregui released the material “Fanáticos Club Band”, an album with songs such as “La Vida No Es la Misma Sin Futbol”, “Pegada al Corazón” or “Campeones”, which football fans adopted as anthems. A few years ago, before the era of social networks, the Mexican musician appeared on Televisa Deportes’ La Jugada program and since then he has become well known among soccer fans.

Jáuregui’s art is not only limited to music, as he was also in charge of creating Rayados’ current crest, a mission entrusted to him by FEMSA when they recently took over the administration of the institution. The Mexican musician has had a long-standing relationship with ‘La Pandilla’, a club of which he is a fan.

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