Want it all

Burna Boy ft. Polo G.

Salamatu ( Togo Togo )

The song “Want it all” by Burna Boy ft. Polo G – Salamatu’s goosebump moment

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Salamatu: “I am from Togo. My goosebump moment is every time I play “Want it all” by Burna Boy ft. Polo G. The lyrics speak truth to me, and it speaks truth to every African youth that believes. The part where he said, “Working night and day, you know my people no day sleep”. These are strong words, enough to motivate anyone to strive for whatever they are doing and never give up! This song simply speaks truth to me in all aspects and I would want everyone to try and listen to it as I have listened to it. I believe you would pick up something that would be very vital and give you courage in times where the African youths are really finding it difficult to strive to make a good earns of living. Thank you”.


An introspective song

Burna Boy has stolen our hearts and taken us to the suburbs with the song “Want It All”, in which he showed off his hip-hop skills to perform this trap track with ease, while trap star Polo G also shined.

Produced by talents Smoke Ono and Sean Silverman, featuring an attractive photo feature directed by Adrian Yu and shot in Los Angeles (USA), “Want It All” brings a refreshingly different dimension to the Afro-fusion genre.

The collaboration between the African giant and Polo G is superb, as they power this enchanting track and video with the backing vocals of the chorus girls towards the end of the video, evoking an avalanche of emotions. As deep as “Want It All” is, this song envelops you, and comes alive in understated video imagery, but powerful in conveying its message.

The king of Afrobeat

Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, better known as Burna Boy, stopped justifying himself a long time ago. Born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, he has been engaged for years in a struggle that is gaining followers beyond the black communities and the diasporas.

In this context Burna Boy does not hide and puts music to the difficulties of his country.

This composer and singer is the creator of the Afrofusion music genre, which mixes Afrobeat, hip-hop, dancehall and R&B. He ranks among the biggest stars of African music as he has released a long list of EPs, singles, mixtapes, and albums, including “Outside”, released in 2018 and which made him known in the United States, where he reached the third position on the Billboard reggae albums chart thanks to the success of the track “Ye”.

In 2019 Burna Boy increased his impact in the United States thanks to his performance at the Coachella festival and a BET award recognizing him as best international artist.

A great moment for African music

For Burna Boy, modern African music is altering perceptions of the continent as part of a global cultural shift that marks a great moment.

He is part of a generation of Nigerian musicians that includes Wizkid and Davido and has enjoyed global success in recent years as a champion of the Afrobeat sound.

After winning a Grammy, the artist, who grew up in southern Nigeria and moved to London as a child before returning to the West African country, said his award is part of a “ripple effect” that gives Africans more control over how they are perceived through technology as streaming services bring the continent’s art to a global audience.

He said his win shows that African music is generating respect around the world.

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